Renault Koleos SUV Review Canada

Renault Koleos SUV Review Canada

Renault Koleos SUV Review Canada

Renault made a special effort during the current years Geneva Motor Show taking the wraps off the swoopy Megane Coupe idea and also appearing the Twingo Renault sport Laguna GT and this the Koleos hybrid. Albeit firmly in view of mechanicals obtained from sister organization Nissan the Koleos is much to a greater degree a total venture than that other match of French game utes from archrival PSA PeugeotCitroen.

The Koleos imparted the focal point of the audience to the Megane Coupe this week delineating how critical the new model is to Renault. This is its first legitimate attack into the game ute portion at long last surrendering when the French automaker understood the hybrid furor would not die down at any point in the near future. When you cant beat them join them the colloquialism goes however push come to gaudy push Renault really seems to have made a not too bad showing with regards to.

Renault Koleos SUV Review Canada

Renault Koleos SUV Review Canada

Renault Koleos SUV Review Canada

For every one of the subtle elements allude back to the review post we highlighted on the Renault Koleos and make sure to see our exhibition of live shots from the show floor close by Renaults own squeeze shots by tapping on the thumbnails underneath.

Koleos the initial 4×4 hybrid from Renault

Renault is satisfied to introduce Koleos its first historically speaking hybrid. Perfect for getting away from the

ordinary schedule Renault Koleos is agreeable simple to drive and gloats bona fide rough terrain capacity. It has been intended to be adaptable as well offering the same consoling drive when motoring in and about town on open streets and on motorways as it does when it is removed the beaten track. In the mean time Renault Koleos conveys an indistinguishable standard of solace from that normal of a cantina auto as well as lodge space deserving of a reduced MPV.

Composed by Renault created by Nissan and fabricated in Renault Samsung Engines Busan plant in Korea Renault Koleos is the product of to a great degree close cooperation between groups from each of these RenaultNissan Alliance brands.

Renault Koleos will be on show at the Geneva Motor Show from March 4 2008.

The dispatch of Koleos imprints a conclusive stride in the brands improvement not just in Europe yet over the world. The arrival of its initial 4×4 hybrid is a certain sign that Renault has the ability to take its own particular true position and a totally crisp approach in sections from which it has generally been truant.

Renault Koleos offers a novel standard of well being and solace a parameter that has turned into a perceived Renault trademark which is clear for all to see as well as exceptionally reasonable.

The arrival of Koleos sees Renault take the wraps off its first historically speaking 4×4 hybrid a

vehicle intended for making tracks in an opposite direction from it all which joins a proficient allwheel drive

skeleton the dynamic lines of a cantina auto and the lodge space of a MPV.

Renault has ensured that Koleos has all the essential qualities to guarantee that all

travelers travel five star and that the new vehicle is anything but difficult to utilize. The seating and suspension give an elevated requirement of solace and the driver profits by remarkable forward perceivability on account of the lowmounted dashboard while Koleos part opening rear end extraordinarily encourages stacking.

Renault Koleos the simple toacclimatize hybrid

While 4×4 models are every now and again connected with cumbersome volumes and considered complex

to utilize one of the key components of Koleos is the speed and simplicity with which drivers feel at home behind its wheel The length and width of Renault Koleos are 4.52m and 1.85m individually and these contained measurements guarantee that it adapts as easily to city motoring as it does when removed the beaten track. To be sure regardless of the nearness of styling signals from the universe of 4x4s Renault Koleos is a hybrid that offers an effective mix of dynamic and adjusted lines. In the mean time notwithstanding offroad qualities like high ground leeway and slip plates the impression of roughness radiated by Koleos gives it a consoling vibe.


The lodge is anything but difficult to acclimatize. The reasonable dashboard plan and improvement rationale behind the simple to work man machine interfaces permit drivers to quickly acclimate themselves with the diverse controls while utilization of the route radio warming and atmosphere controls is expected to be natural. Controls for the route framework sans hands phone sound framework and programmed stopping brake are all situated either on the controlling wheel or inside simple reach of the driver.

Data identifying with the route framework and radio is shown midway on the upper part of the dashboard to ensure that it is both plainly clear for the driver and simple to perused for different tenants.

A heap of hardware went for removing the stretch from motoring supports how easily Koleos fits into the Renault family. Such elements incorporate the sans hands card and key less beginning capacities programmed headlamp and wiper initiation a tire weight checking framework and voyage control/speed limiter while the controls for the power windows modification of the outside mirrors and focal locking are all situated on the drivers entryway.

The drive station itself couldnt be more driver accommodating. Cautious consideration has been paid to guarantee that Renault Koleos gloats portion driving head up perceivability and forward field of vision while its rearward point of vision figures among the best accessible in the fragment.

The driving position can be definitely balanced on account of the movable seat and height and achieve movable directing segment.


The vibe of being in control is felt when the driver settles in the drivers seat of Koleos. The power guiding is exact dynamic and precisely bolsters back data from the street. In spite of its higher ground freedom Koleos handles like a cantina auto because of its skeleton which was deliberately created to give an ideal exchange off amongst solace and taking care of both of which are of a surprisingly exclusive expectation. Uncommon consideration was paid to cornering execution with the aim of to control body move which can regularly be an element of this kind of vehicle.

Adaptability a leitmotiv

Renault Koleos SUV Review Canada

Renault Koleos SUV Review Canada

Running rigging

Renault Koleos is a hybrid whose roots can be followed back to the universes of the cantina auto the MPV and 4x4sort vehicle. It effectively mixes the best of every one of the three classes to convey extraordinary flexibility and driving delight on a wide range of street. In developed ranges on motorways and on unlocked surfaces the Koleos skeleton passes on a genuine feeling of security and being in control.

The Mac Phersonsort front suspension joins with the completely autonomous multi link raise suspension seen on New XTrail. This setup ensures comfort and directional steadiness in all circumstances while the dampers and springs have been tuned to match Koleos particular measurements and add to the focused on harmony amongst solace and taking care of.

Ground freedom of 206mm (diesel adaptation 188mm) and approach and takeoff points of 27 and 31 degrees separately are further outlines of Koleos rough terrain certifications.

Allwheel drive

Koleos is the primary Renault model to highlight fourwheel drive from dispatch. The torque split between the front and back is naturally ascertained as a component of accessible grasp. In typical conditions torque is conveyed to the front wheels as it were. Ought to less hold get to be accessible be that as it may up to 50 for each penny of torque is exchanged to the back. This front raise part is guaranteed by an electronic coupler and controlled by the most recent era All mode

4x4I framework created by Nissan for New XTrail.

This framework which is intended to improve footing in all street conditions is not just acclaimed for its productivity additionally adds to Renault Koleos excellent rough terrain capacity.

Similar all wheel drive administration framework additionally adds to the vehicles dynamic well being execution. The moment it identifies even a little measure of over steer or under steer it instantly adjusts the front raise torque split even before a conceivable mediation from the ESP kicks in. At the point when grasp is at a premium for example on snow mud soil or sand the driver just needs to flick a switch on the dashboard to electronically secure the transmission

Renault Koleos SUV Review Canada

Renault Koleos SUV Review Canada

Renault Koleos SUV Review Canada

4×4 mode. On the other hand ought to the driver so wish the transmission can likewise be secured two wheel drive mode.

Renault Koleos is outfitted with a Hill Start Assist work which can demonstrate an especially valuable resource amid ordinary motoring. This framework is consequently initiated on inclinations of more than 10 for every penny with a view to keeping the vehicle slipping down the incline. It additionally gets rid of the requirement for the driver to change quickly from the brake pedal to the quickening agent pedal which is characteristic in many vehicles.

Additionally Renault Koleos is furnished with a Hill Descent Control framework for even more secure rough terrain

motoring. This capacity is initiated through a catch mounted on the focal sash and consequently holds the vehicles speed at a most extreme of 7 kph on downhill angles of 10 per penny or more without requiring the brakes to be utilized. This capacity works backward adapt as well.

Koleos route framework has various particular rough terrain highlights including an altimeter and gauge. The vehicles edge of slant the slant and an elevation chart are similarly shown while an advanced compass removes the push from finding the right heading when there are no signposts about.

Renault Koleos will likewise be accessible in two wheel drive shape for those clients who are drawn by its swashbuckler hybrid looks yet who have no require all wheel drive transmission.

The reasonable secluded hybrid

The adaptability of Koleos concerns its on street capacity as well as an extensive rundown of smart components and hardware in the lodge. To help stacking Renault Koleos comes with a splitopening clamshell sort back end. The upper part of the bring forth allows access to

the b

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