2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed Price UK

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed Price UK

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed Price UK

The 2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed is the speediest ever generation auto to leave Crewe. A top rate of 206mph is hypothetically achievable, in the event that you have nerves of steel and a long, straight extend of derestricted street available to you.

At the heart of this redesigned Continental GT Speed is a revised variant of the British-fabricated twin-turbocharged W12 motor, which has gotten a force increment for this 2014 overhaul.

Despite the fact that Bentley’s upstart V8 powerplant has been drawing in a lot of the approvals since it was presented, the producer is quick to demonstrate there’s a lot of potential left in the 12-chamber.

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed Price UK

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed Price UK

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed Price UK

Truth be told, this update can be seen as an emphasis from Bentley that the motor won’t be pensioned off at any point in the near future, with the Crewe producing office having as of late been pronounced the Volkswagen Group’s focal point of brilliance for the W12.

In this GT Speed (which is likewise accessible as an insignificantly less fast drop-top), amendments to the motor administration programming and turbo weight have knock most extreme force from 616bhp to 626bhp and expanded accessible torque from 590lb ft to 607lb ft.

The force is bolstered through an eight-speed ZF programmed transmission to every one of the four wheels, with a 60:40 inclination towards the back hub.

The time taken to sprint from 0-60mph has been sliced from 4.2sec to 4.0sec. In the event that you keep your right foot planted, 100mph comes up in 9.0sec, an accomplishment that is unaltered from the present auto, while the previously stated top rate is bumped up by an entire one mile for each hour from its past 205mph greatest.

As some time recently, the Speed body is set-up to be the most powerfully compensating of the autos in the Continental crew.

Contrasted and standard Continental GT models, the Speed has a 10mm decrease in the ride stature, stiffer springs, back against move bar and suspension shrubberies and a 15 for each penny increment in the front camber edge.

This new Continental GT Speed gets some minor restorative changes as well. The front splitter, side skirts and back diffuser are currently completed to coordinate the outside paint shading. There’s presently a dull tint complete on the 21-inch combinations, headlamps and tail lights, and new autos get red-painted brake calipers and chrome-impact “Rate” identifications on the front bumpers.

Inside, there are some shading changes, for example, differentiating accents which are elite to the Speed models and some new “Speed” badging to remind you at the end of the day than, yes, this is the quickest street going Bentley.

No country has ever aced unpredictability and the British, and in this time of scaling back and hybridisation there’s something fairly offbeat about introducing a gigantically intense yet wallet-crunchingly parched W12 motor into an engine vehicle.

Not that the kind of purchaser in the business sector for a £150,000 vehicle would give items of common sense, for example, fuel costs quite a bit of thought. The key inquiry is whether this W12-fueled Bentley is a chronological error in today’s motoring world or a wanton motoring delicacy to be relished like artistic work or wine.

The Continental GT Speed figures out how to consolidate colossal force with satisfying resignation and superb solace. With the programmed transmission left in standard “D” mode, the motor delivers a delicate burr and phenomenal levels of sound protection channel out street and wind clamor.

It’s amazingly simple to drive, with the electrically helped, speed variable controlling feeling light and exact through town. On standard 21in wheel edges the ride is formed and the air suspension mops up the vast majority of Britain’s street scars.

It implies that whether you’re behind the directing wheel or leaning back in the calfskin seats in the back, the Continental GT Speed has a superbly made way out of guaranteeing you arrive feeling pretty much as casual as when you set off.

The enormous Bentley is air-sprung at all four corners and four suspension settings, running from the mildest Comfort through to the stiffest Sport, can be chosen from the menu on the infotainment screen. The contrasts between the gentlest and stiffest settings are observable, however the two incremental stages don’t generally offer such critical contrasts to the degree that you’ll be perpetually ferreting around in the menu to choose the ideal setting for any given bit of street.

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed Price UK

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed Price UK

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed Price UK

Best to abandon it in Comfort for cruising and infrequently change to Sport for no particular reason, despite the fact that knocks and edges are unquestionably more perceptible in the last.

On the off chance that the inclination takes you, you can unleash the GT Speed’s forceful side by maneuvering the apparatus lever into “S” for Sport mode.

You could snick the lever left to empower manual movements by means of the thickset oars, in spite of the fact that the shy of-finger may battle to contact them, especially when the guiding wheel is at a point, on the grounds that the oars are mounted to the section and don’t move.


Authority estimating for the upgraded GT Speed has not been discharged, but rather it’s clearly an instance of “on the off chance that you need to ask, you can’t bear the cost of it.” But in the event that a real number will get you as the night progressed, than anticipate that the reconsidered model will get in the middle of $240,000 and $250,000, or possibly $10K more than the present cycl

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