Tesla Model S P85D Price Australia

Tesla Model S P85D Price Australia

Tesla Model S P85D Price Australia

Since authoritatively beginning conveyances in late 2014 theres been a few progressions made to the reach structure of Teslas Model S allelectric extravagance vehicle.

The feature news is obviously the expansion of the Model S P85D as the elite lead of the extent. Ready to quicken to 100km/h in only 3 point 3 seconds the P85D disgraces its adversaries from AMG Audi RS and BMW M.

At the flip side of the scale the section level Model S 60 has been dropped The Model S 70D that replaces it has more power and more range yet costs generally $15000 more.

Tesla Model S P85D Price Australia

Tesla Model S P85D Price Australia

Tesla Model S P85D Price Australia

Detail levels have likewise been changed for 2015 with satellite route already a choice now standard on all models.


The reach now commences with the Model S 70D which gets a 70kWh battery pack and two engines split between the front and back hub.

Ready to drive for 442km on a solitary charge the 245kW Model S 70D can likewise sprint to 100km/h in 5 point 4 seconds and rushed to a top rate of 225km/h

Amidst the extent is the Model S 85 which extends with no mechanical changes Presently the main RWD Model accessible in Australia the 85s 85kWh battery can control it for 502km on a solitary charge.

Regardless of having a 270kW engine without the additional footing of a determined front pivot the Model S 85 is really somewhat slower than the AWD Model S 70 hitting 100km/h from rest in 5 point 6 seconds Top rate is 225km/h

Supplementing the Model S 85 is the new Model S 85D an AWD subsidiary that gloats an indistinguishable 502km territory at the same time on account of the additional yield of its 315kW engines can rocket to 100km/h in 4 point 6 seconds on its way to a 250km/h top pace

Be that as it may while the 85Ds execution is undoubtedly eyewideningly quick its got nothing on the P85D.

With a joined yield of 515kW (350kW from the back engine 165 kW from the front engine) this AWD lead can achieve 100km/h in a supercar matching 3 point 3 seconds.

To give that number some setting the Mercedes AMG E 63 gets to 100km/h in 4 point 1 seconds. The BMW M5 accomplishes the same in 4 point 2 seconds.

All Model S variations are outfitted with variablequality regenerative braking twofold wishbone front suspension and multiconnection back suspension.

Movable air suspension is offered on each model yet as a $3200 alternative.

In the event that youve seen that we havent said anything around a gearbox that is on account of there isnt one  every engine specifically drives the hub its connected to.


In the wake of drawing feedback for low levels of standard gear Tesla has built up the Model S spec sheet to enhance its quality forcash suggestion.

In that capacity costs have take a slight ascent however fortunately elements like satellite route are presently standard on each Model S variation.

Warmed and force collapsing wing mirrors keyless section electrochromatic mirrors and force front seats with memory all beforehand elements in the discretionary Tech Pack are presently likewise standard apparatus over the Model S lineup.

Other striking standard elements incorporate web integration path takeoff cautioning programmed crisis braking and a blind side screen.

Six choice packs are offered and are accessible on each Model.

Tesla Model S P85D Price Australia

Tesla Model S P85D Price Australia

Tesla Model S P85D Price Australia

The Autopilot Convenience Features pack includes versatile journey control dynamic path keep help selfstopping and programmed highbeam for $3200 while air suspension and a 12 speaker premium sound framework additionally cost $3200 each.

A more upmarket inside completion can be had with the $3900 Premium Package which brings Nappa cowhide upholstery Alcantara featuring a fueled tailgate lit up entryway handles and inside accent lighting.

Those needing more solace for their travelers can likewise settle on the Executive Rear Seats which replaces the threeposition back seat with two individual warmed seats and an inside armrest It costs $3900.

At last the Subzero climate bundle elements warmed windshield washer spouts windshield wiper defrosters a warmed guiding haggle position back seat radiators.

Estimating (bars onstreet costs)

In spite of the fact that at first declared with a beginning cost of $102400 for the Model S 70D conversion scale vacillations between the US dollar and Australian dollar have constrained costs upwards for the whole 2015 Model S range.

The late value rises are because of money trade clarified Tesla Motors representative Heath Walker to TMR We attempt to keep our costs as near equality [with the US] as would be prudent.

New retail costs Model S P85D  $148000 (+$6400)