Suzuki IM 4 Concept

Suzuki IM 4 Concept
Suzuki IM 4 Concept

Suzuki IM 4 Concept – Suzuki Motors has presented the most recent idea iK-2 and iM-4 at the Geneva Motor Show 2015. Also the quantity of sources say iM-4 which is the substitution for the Suzuki Jimny was created starting in 2016. 

Suzuki iM-4 Concept The models additionally make a big appearance some the organization’s future innovation and review the look of up and coming generation vehicles. 

the Suzuki iM-4 Concept that envisions a basic, little wilderness romper, conceivably a substitution for the Jimny. It’s on the same stage as the iK-2 however with a much higher ride stature and peculiar styling. The grille and front light design take motivation from a couple of shades, Suzuki claims. The model likewise emphasizes wide, genuinely unadorned surfaces and short shades. The entire look simply gives the impression of a little mountain goat prepared to go anyplace. Power goes to every one of the four-wheels because of a 1.2-liter motor and gentle half breed framework. 

As Specified in the Suzuki Press Release

Suzuki IM 4 Concept


Shrewd yet intense. A notable small 4×4 which extends potential outcomes and satisfaction in a minimal auto 

Basic, notorious outside configuration combining development with Suzuki’s outline legacy 

Solid 4WD execution succeeding Suzuki’s 4×4 DNA 

Extraordinary efficiency on account of another era stage and SHVS gentle cross breed framework 

Suzuki Motor Corporation reveals its reality debut idea demonstrate, the iM-4, at the 85th Geneva Motor Show. Since discharging the LJ arrangement in 1970, Suzuki has been always concocting new thoughts in the minimized SUV and hybrid classifications with models, for example, the first Vitara in 1988 and SX4 in 2006. The iM-4 is our vision for another minimized 4×4 that exemplifies that DNA while abounding with the most recent innovation. Its inventiveness, uniqueness and Suzuki’s DNA make it the notorious smaller than usual 4×4. 


The subject of this auto: “Shape the Inspiration The iM4 is an individual vehicle that opens up new conceivable outcomes and better approaches to have a ton of fun. 

Bundled in a basic yet notorious outline, the reduced iM-4 is smart however extreme, offering dependable execution established in the Suzuki 4×4 convention coupled with the most recent fuel-sparing innovation. The moderate outline mixes consummately into the driver’s way of life, while its unique character brings genuine motivation to the day by day schedule. 

With its 4WD framework, high least ground leeway, and high hip point, the iM-4 is intended to be your tenable accomplice that is anything but difficult to drive while likewise offering execution that gives you a chance to certainly drive in snow and on unpaved streets. It has an easy to understand inside and baggage range, furthermore joins forefront innovation with another era stage and SHVS mellow half and half framework, which convey amazing fuel utilization with low CO2 outflows. 

Configuration characteristics 

This auto is intended to be straightforward yet notorious, unadulterated yet adorable, and inventive yet retro. 

The one of a kind and moderate body comprises of plain surfaces and round top, with straight, architectonic lines that provide for it an excellence and exactness. The extensive measurement tires bulging out at the four corners solidly bolster the body and indication at the auto’s energy and solid execution. Sensational gimmicks, for example, the front sash with its sunglass-clad look, the head protector like top, and the openings on the C-columns which pass on memorable Suzuki autos of the past motivate the driver to be innovative. 

Case like moderate body that delicately grasps the driver. 

Plain surfaces and the round top make a rich articulation and give the body basic yet charming character. 

Straight, architectonic lines of the shoulder and glass zones impart excellence and accuracy, as does the rectangular theme rehashed in gimmicks, for example, the front and back lower grilles, entryway mirrors and handles, headlamps, and back mix lights.  

Suzuki IM 4 Concept

Suzuki IM 4 Concept

Sunglass-like front grille and headlamp configuration coupled with the headlamps’ internal architectureand cap like top give the auto an adorable appearance. 

Suzuki outline quintessence including passed out A- and B-columns, clamshell cap, and front bumper toppings are fused all through the vehicle. The arrangement of the region around and behind the C-column join openings that pay tribute to noteworthy minicars, for example, the Fronte Coup√© and the first Cervo. 

Flared guards, 18-inch wheels with five-trapezoid outline, and side body trim of the side body convey a compelling impression of a 4×4. 

Honest White body shading, which communicates innovation, and a clean appearance that mixes the viewer’s creative ability. 

New ecological advances 

New-era stage 

Suzuki’s new-era stage is intended to proficiently expand unbending nature while lessening weight by means of a basic update of the underbody’s structure furthermore upgrading general vehicle configuration, including parts mounted on the underbody. This enhances fuel productivity, wellbeing, taking care of, solidness, and NVH execution no matter how you look at it. Additionally, Suzuki will streamline improvement by merging its current four stages to three and modularizing practical parts. This will empower getting out new autos a more proficient way that can be customized to quick changing business request. 

Imaginative SHVS mellow cross breed framework 

The SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki), Suzuki’s new mellow cross breed framework joining an ISG (incorporated starter generator), gives motor force aid utilizing the engine and attains to proficient force recovery. The SHVS framework utilized for the iM-4 likewise emphasizes lithium-particle batteries. Coupled with a recently grew high-proficiency ISG, this regenerative slowing mechanism is the ideal mixture framework for a reduced auto. And enhancing fuel productivity, it likewise holds down the size, weight, and expense. 


General length: 3,693 mm 

General width: 1,709 mm 

General tallness: 1,566 mm 

Wheelbase: 2,438 mm 

Tire estimate: 215/45R18 

Motor: 1.2L DUALJET motor + SHVS 

Drive framework: 4WD 

Stage: New-era stag

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