Borgward Isabella Redesign

Borgward Isabella Redesign

Borgward Isabella Redesign

Borgward Isabella Redesign – The resonation in the press and open achieved the producers to drop the organized name of Hansa 1500 for the casual and internal name Isabella a shrewd thought. 

The Italian kind of the Spanish name Isabel met the aching of the German open for sun and the south Too the connection bella fantastic was an incredible moniker for this make. 

The Motor Rundschau (No 23/1954 p 850) summed “the most prominent are the streamlined structure and suitable explorer compartment the parity and speed by a low typical petrol use The analyzer Joachim Fischer found not simply the flawless curves and floor space size of 7.5 m² as an exceptional and respectable quality however especially the complete thought. 

With a motor passing on 60HP/44Kw and a net weight of 1100 kg the Isabella brought over the Alps the prospect of a fiery salaried class auto in a minimized structure for standard use to northern Europe. With her weight/power level of 16.6 kg/HP the Isabella left the 1300 from Alfa Romeo (17.4 kg/HP) and also Lancias Appia (21.6 kg/HP) and even the street spook Fiat 1100TV (16.8 kg/HP) thereafter. 

To quote the Motor Rundschau afresh “with the progression of a whole new Borg wald sort that enhanced the German and the European market, that compelled new tries in the office class portion. How certified. 

In 1954 or later could none of the German creators could offer anything proportionate auto when it came to extraordinary looks, temper, economy, security and far reaching size. 

Not until 1962, a year after the end of Borg wald, did BMW accept control over the possibility of the overwhelming family wagon with the presentation of the model line 1500/1800/1600/2000, that is a the standard result for all present car creators. 

Borgward Isabella Redesign

The heart of the Isabella was the one and a half liter four-barrel motor created by Karl Ludwig Brandt (1907-1990). 

The high compel of: 

40.2 HP/l (29.6 kW/l) 

differentiated and: 

1953-57 Mercedes 29.4 HP/l (21.7 kW/l) 

1953-55 Opel Olympia Rekord 26.9 HP/l (19.8 kW/l) 

was fulfilled by Brand through better wind present through there higher development rpm and a higher degree in the drill/stroke association realizing a higher obsession in the motors capacity moderate changes diverged from the old Hansa 1500 from 1949-1952 that therefore propelled structure the 1.4 l motor of the prewar B1000 Truck. 

The basically essential motor advancement made it qualified to convey It continued for endless kilometers deficiently in as a result of the nearby stream oil divert in those days an indication of excessive autos. 

Borgward Isabella Redesign

Borgward Isabella Redesign

Exceptional tricks weren’t overlooked either Engine transmission axles and controlling were all made together hanging adaptably in the undercarriage and easily in the occasion of the necessity for repairs. 

A first among German automobiles of its class the water driven hold pedal minimized vibrations and thumping when advancing gear It was complimented with a totally synchronized four mechanical assembly transmission and a controlling segment stick shift. 

The hanging foot pedals weren’t customary of the day in the German auto industry The back center was twofold jointed with sliding sponsorships to help by the foundation and all joined into a single unit The front center point had a crossbar of assorted lengths above and underneath While the front and back were outfitted with extendable protections and for the front a backing. 

The drive train hangs in a supporting to oneself one piece steel plot with a smooth floorboard which even today isn’t a normal result. The guards are appended with screws to the body and can be emptied quickly with no welding. On account of the back entryway which landed at to the floorboard( (containing the additional tire compartment) the capacity compartment is suitable to load Most of the contenders compelled one to fling apparatus over the e